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IT World is an part of Checkmate one of the Largest Chain of Retailer for HP . IT World|Checkmate has brought in quality retail experience which has resulted in the highest ASP for notebooks for HP in the country. We operate in stand-alone stores and are also present in the leading malls in the cities – Bengaluru | Chennai | Coimbatore | Hyderabad | Mysuru | Mumbai | Pune. Our Retail presence has high excellence standards and is sought after for its premium service


Create and share everything you love on a laptop loaded with powerful features

  • home


    Powerful, flexible and value-worthy Visit Us options designed to adapt to your every move,

    whether it's for creativity, learning, work or gaming.
  • Gaming


    Play your best wherever Visit Usyou go with desktop-class power and graphics performance,

    immersive display, and bold, edgy designs.
  • Travel


    Compact and lightweight Visit UsYet packed with power to keep you connected and productive

    wherever you are,be it for leisure or business.
  • Envy


    Stunning designs crafted from the finest materials Visit Us with performance,

    Versatility and sophisticated features for creativity and protection.
  • Envy

    Power Users

    There's no limit to hardwork Visit Us Creativity and winning games

    When you have the speed and performance that only aim for the best.

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